Posting a job on hyperlingo is quick and easy:

  • First, click the ‘Create Job’ link in the bar at the top of the page.

  • On the Create Job page, select either translation or proofreading, depending on the service you require.

  • Next, choose the source and target languages for your document. For example, if you have a French document that needs to be translated into English then select French as the source language and English as the target language.

  • Select a Job Category to attract translators who are experts in that field.


  • Next, click on the Deadline Selector and choose the date and time by which you need the job completed.

  • The word count is the total number of words to be translated in the source document and is used to calculate the price of the job. If you know it, enter the total word count for the document(s) you need translated. If you don't know the word count, check the 'Requested from translator' option to have the translator review the document(s) and provide a word count for you.

  • Click 'Upload Documents' to move to the next step.

  • Click 'Add files' to upload the document(s) to be translated. After uploading the documents, use the dropdown menu to indicate whether each file needs to be translated, or is a reference document. Only Source documents will be translated by the translator.

  • Once you have uploaded all files to be translated, click 'Next Step: Title and Description'.

  • On the Title and Description page, you can create a name for the job and add any useful information in the description box. 

  • Job titles do not need to include details of the word count, source and target languages or deadline; this information will automatically be included in the job listing. The best titles are clear, concise and descriptive.

  • After filling in the title and description, click the red Confirmation button to move to the next step.

  • You're almost there! Review the information on the Confirmation page. If anything is incorrect, click on the 'back' button to change any information. Once you're happy that the information is all correct, click 'Confirm and Post to Job Board'.

  • After you click 'Post Job' in the popup, your job will be posted on the Job Board, and you should start receiving quotes from Translators. To see the job and review quotes, visit the Manage Jobs tab.

If you get stuck, open a support ticket.