You can search for translators and proofreaders on hyperlingo’s Translator Search page

  • Click 'Translators' in the menu bar to go to the Translator Search page.

  • Start by choosing the type of service you require by checking ‘Translation’ or ‘Proofreading’.

  • Select a 'From' language from the first dropdown. This is the language which your document is currently written in. For proofreading jobs, select the language the document is written in from the 'Language' dropdown.


  • Next, select a 'To' language from the second dropdown. This is the language which you want the document translated into. The second dropdown will not display for proofreading jobs.

  • Hit Search and translators working in your language pair will be displayed. Click on each translator's info bar for more information and to view their profile page. Use the Request Quote button to directly request a quote.

Filtering Results

  • If your document is highly technical or specialised, you may choose to only show translators who are experts in this area. You can do this by checking the 'Only show experts in' checkbox and selecting an area of expertise from the dropdown. 

  • If you have specific requirements around quality and price, use the filters beneath the search bar to narrow down your results by star rating and price per word.

  • If your search does not return any results, try removing filters to show more translators.

If you get stuck, open a support ticket.