• Use Find Jobs to find a job you'd like to quote on, then click on the job's Quote Job button. Alternatively, you can click anywhere on the job to view more details, and then navigate to the job's Quote Tab.

  • In the Quote tab, you can review the job information, view the documents to be translated and submit your quote.

  • The Word Count may have been set by the buyer, or they may have requested that you provide one. To download the source documents, click on the Documents and Messaging tab, then click on the file name of the source documents.

  • You cannot quote at a rate higher than the one advertised on your profile for that language pair. You are free to reduce your quote below your advertised rate.

  • If your country requires you to charge tax on the translation services you provide, you can enter your country tax rate and the appropriate amount will be added to your quote. You are responsible for reporting and paying any taxes you charge on hyperlingo.

  • To submit your quote, ensure all the above fields are complete, check the box to agree with our site terms, then click Submit quote to client. The buyer will receive an email with your quote, and can then choose to assign the job to you. You will receive further emails keeping you updated on the status of your quote.

If you get stuck, open a support ticket.